It pays to have a customer-driven approach

A successful service culture increases customer satisfaction. All employees, especially those working closest to customers, influence the experience and image of the company. Creating commitment and taking the organisation with you on the journey towards even happier customers is therefore key to success.

If employees also feel that their work tasks are prioritised and that their own skills are valued, they will also do a better job. Happier employees mean happier customers, and vice versa. These are often called virtuous circles, and they create a powerful driving force that makes everyone a winner – customers, employees and owners alike. 

At AktivBo we are trying to achieve just that in the housing and real estate industry. We call it customer-driven property management. Qualitative and quantitative tenant surveys reveal what really matters to customers. The results form a basis for performance management and improvements. 

It is all about taking the customer seriously, actively listening to their views and desires and then taking action based on these. A customer-driven approach engages employees, gives impetus to the organisation and moves focus from the property to the customer. With a successful service culture, you create value in both the short and long term. Measurable goals then create clarity for the organisation about what the company is aiming to achieve. In combination with the skills of employees, this leads to the right actions being taken and avoids unnecessary investments. 

A satisfied tenant costs less than a disgruntled one. Fewer complaints, fewer relocations, fewer tenant adaptations and a stronger brand are some additional positive effects that contribute to higher profitability. Each tenant must be regarded as an important and prioritised customer. Our work frequently involves shifting focus from buildings to the people who will live or work in them. 

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