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AktivBo Analytics

An analysis platform developed for the real estate and housing industry. Track your tenants' experiences in real-time and act on the right insights. We make data smart, easy to understand and actionable, so that it becomes easier for everyone in your organisation to make the right priorities.

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Analytics - Tenant Feedback Ecosystem

In AktivBo Analytics you get all tenant feedback in the same platform enabling you to make better decisions. In the survey and analysis platform, you can analyse and act on all your different surveys, including both AktivBo-managed surveys and self-created surveys from the built-in survey tool Create™. In the platform, you can customise roles, workflow, and analysis based on your organisation's needs.

Measure. Analyse. Act. Improve.

With in-depth analytics capabilities, multiple data visualisation options including map views, benchmarking, and text responses, your organisation can prioritise smarter. Our built-in action planning tool makes it easy to link actions to questions and indexes, allowing you to see which actions have the best effect. All results can be embedded into your ERP or other platforms of your choice, and exported via AktivBo’s API.

Updated Response Rate Analysis Multi-filtering Role Customisation Reports Dynamic Benchmarking Industry Development Top Charts Action Plans Embedding Customer Journey Service Index Product Index Security CSI NPS CES Text Answers Trend Curves Prioritisations AktivBo Create API Integration

AktivBo Analytics™

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Easy overview for all employees

You can easily create your overview and customise the interface for your role and area of responsibility. Results, benchmarking, and follow-up of measures from group level to street address.

Enkel översikt för alla medarbetare

Customer Journey follow-up

AktivBo Analytics is optimised to measure and improve your customer journey. All your company's surveys are comparable in one view. Search freely through all quantitative and qualitative questions for quick insights.


Geographical Benchmarking

Results and benchmarking for your properties on Google Maps. Compare areas and routes on digital map views for a clearer overview of your portfolio.


Analyse and act

With a customised workflow for both small and large real estate companies, it's easy to go from data to action. Connect actions to specific issues to see which interventions drive the best results. The platform provides automatic action suggestions for your challenges based on best practice.


Third Party Data

Customer satisfaction data enriched with third-party data for segmentation and deeper insights. By comparing the tenants' answers with demographic, financial and other property related data, you get an even stronger basis for decision-making before planned investments.



Integrate with your favourite systems

We can integrate AktivBo Analytics and our customer surveys into your digital ecosystem. With our API solutions, you can easily transfer data fully automatically. By integrating with leading real estate and CRM systems, we can assist you in setting up automatic follow-ups of the customer journey through any communication channels.


AktivBo Create - Survey tool tailored for the real estate industry

With the Create survey tool, you can create and distribute your own surveys directly in Analytics. Choose from templated benchmark questions tailored to the real estate industry, or create your own questions based on your specific needs.


Personalised onboarding with our customer teams 

Our customer teams set up the platform and tailor it to your organisation. Analytics is a platform for all employees, and we make sure that you get the most out of your tenants' answers. Regardless of your analytical experience, we make sure that your employees can go from results to action.

personlig onboarding


"With the help of AktivBo, we gain valuable insights into what our tenants think and how we perform against the industry. Insights that help us in decision-making and in increasing profitability."

Simon Iaffa Nylén

Head of Sustainability | Regio and Sustainability Manager | Brunswick Real Estate



"The AktivBo platform and insights are important management tools for Vonovia. We use them to increase our customers‘ satisfaction and to realise potential in our processes."

Malte Hollstein

Managing Director Customer Service | Vonovia SE



"We want to deliver high quality and through our partnership with AktivBo we can evaluate and ensure that both tenants and property owners are satisfied with our delivery. We see this as an important part of the work to strengthen our offer."

Karin Axelsson

Client Manager | Newsec

| Asset Management


"Asking our tenants for their feedback is crucial for PATRIZIA in order to further optimise our services. AktivBo is a leader in tenant surveys and also allows us to benchmark our tenants' feedback. We are currently conducting surveys for our residential portfolios in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, and we are looking forward to extend the cooperation in the near future."

Torsten Bergner

Director/Head of Asset Management Living Health & Care | Patrizia

With the help of AktivBo, we gain valuable insights into what our tenants think and how we perform against the industry. Insights that help us in decision-making and in increasing profitability.
Simon Iaffa Nylén
Head of Sustainability | Regio and Sustainability Manager | Brunswick Real Estate