In addition to the housing and real estate companies we work with, we have a number of collaborations with other industry players and partners.


spiltan-smallSince 2009, Investment AB Spiltan has been one of the main owners of AktivBo. Spiltan invests in and develops successful entrepreneurial growth companies. Through long-term, personal commitment and entrepreneurship, Spiltan creates conditions for good growth and profits.


Aareon is the leading provider of SaaS solutions for the European property industry. The company is digitalising the property management by offering user-oriented software solutions that simplify and automate processes, support sustainable and energy-efficient operations and interconnect all process participants. AktivBo is a partner in Aareon's real estate ecosystem, Aareon Connect, which offers standardized APIs for the real estate industry.


Fastighetsägarna are a stakeholder and industry organization working for a well-functioning property market. They represent more than 17,000 members. The majority of members are property owners with rental units for residential and commercial buildings and industrial properties. Others are housing associations


Förvaltarforum is a meeting place for you who work with property management and property operations. Förvaltarforum disseminates news, experiences and knowledge in the industry as well as contributions to god profitability with a green conscience and to raising the status and attractiveness of the profession. The only Swedish site that only writes about management and operation.


AktivBo and the Swedish Union of Tenants are collaborating on the National Survey, a survey aimed at a random sample of 5,000 members of the Tenants Association. This nationwide tenant survey has been conducted in the same way every five years (2005, 2010, 2015, 2020).


The company Äventyret is expert in digitalisation and therefore does design research, trend monitoring, business and concept development, as well as interaction and interface design work. It also creates technology ecosystems and has been involved in the development of AktivBo Analytics.


Spiri.Bo is a white label solution that is tailored to the needs of landlords and tenants. Spiri.Bo bundles all relevant content and offers for the digital tenant service in one smart solution.


The Association of North German Housing Companies (VNW) is a regional, housing industry auditing and interest association. The VNW represents over 300 housing cooperatives and companies in Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein. Around 1.4 million live in their apartments

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