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Tenant Surveys

Tenant feedback and insights for smarter decisions. AktivBo are survey specialists and have the real estate industry's highest response rate. We ensure that you get the most out of the tenants' answers.

  • Tailor-made surveys for real estate companies
  • Automatic customer journey follow-up via API Integration
  • A method that drives improvements

Measure, Analyse and Act!

With surveys you can capture what is most important to the tenants in a structured way and then act on the answers. Customer feedback gives you a deeper understanding of needs and prioritisations and leads to better decision making.

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Customer ScoreCard™

AktivBo's Customer ScoreCard™ (CSC) is an overall CSAT measurement of all processes and provides a complete basis for performance management. With CSC you get an overall picture of all important areas, from question level to indexes, and can easily identify areas for further in-depth analysis. The Customer ScoreCard enables the possibility of NPS and CES monitoring as well as national and international benchmarking at different levels, size classes, and breakdowns.

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Customer Journey follow-up

By following up the customer journey and continuously measuring the different tenant touchpoints you can continuously improve your processes and services. In this way you increase both efficiency and the overall customer experience.

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The real estate industry's highest response  – 61,4% average*

AktivBo is a survey specialist in the real estate industry with over 30 years of experience. Our method provides the industry's highest response rate where survey design, question formulation, sending and reminder strategy are important components. 

*based on aggregated data for all companies included in the Sweden benchmark 2023


green-check-outlinedA survey method that drives improvements


green-check-outlinedTailor-made surveys based on needs


green-check-outlinedContinuous surveys and real-time data for faster actions


green-check-outlinedData visualisation that everyone in your organisation can embrace


green-check-outlinedAI- and sentiment based analysis of text answers


green-check-outlinedFull service, self-service, or both. We take care of all your survey needs


green-check-outlinedStandard surveys - enables benchmarking


green-check-outlinedSurveys in languages of your choice

Examples of survey types 

CSC Residential CSC Commercial CSI NPS CES Contract signing New Production Reconstruction Moving in Moving out Fault Report Customer Service Security Additional Service Communication Mobility ESG/Sustainability Location Acquisition Collector

Examples of survey channels

SMS Email App My Pages QR Code Telephone interview Face-to-face interview Focus Groups In-depth interview Printed questionnaire Postcard with QR Code

API Integration for automated surveys

API solutions for automated and real-time investigations, with easy and secure data transfer. We have integrations with the leading real estate and CRM systems and can help you set up automatic follow-up of the customer journey. The integration is supported by AktivBo's API and enables "trigger-based" mailings via any sending channels.


Let us do the work – or create yourself!

One platform for all your research needs. In addition to the surveys that we manage and administer, you have the opportunity to create and send out your own surveys via our survey tool Create in AktivBo Analytics. Choose from templated benchmark questions, tailored to the real estate industry, or create your own questions based on your specific needs.

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In good company



In good company



I good company



Our Tenant Surveys give you


Satisfied tenants

Listen to your customers and act on the answers. Make sure you're doing the right things in the right place.


Engaged employees

Create momentum and get the organisation to work together towards set goals.


Increased efficiency

Save time and find out which investments you need to make, and which ones you can avoid.


Reduced complaints

Complaints and dissatisfied tenants cost time and money.


Follow-up of external contractors

Improve your contracts and ensure the quality of the services you purchase.


Reduced vacancies

Satisfied customers tend to stay. Avoid costly adaptations.


ESG Reporting

Meet sustainability requirements. Increase your GRESB score and secure sustainability-linked financing.


Stronger brand

A strong brand provides many benefits and to succeed, you need to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.


Better results

Smarter prioritisations, increased efficiency and loyal customers give a better result on the bottom line.

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