About us

      AktivBo collaborates with over 450 residential and commercial real estate companies.        This is our history, philosophy, and vision.

our vision

Improve the quality of life for tenants worldwide.

Customer-driven property management

AktivBo was founded in 1991 to develop a method that could help to improve management and service quality in the real estate industry. Its objective was to achieve concrete and measurable improvements in the areas that were most important to tenants/customers. In brief, this meant a dramatic transformation for the entire industry – shifting focus from the buildings to the end customer. In other words, turning the real estate industry into a service industry with the aim of achieving satisfied and loyal customers.

Knowledge- and platform-based company

Today AktivBo is a data-driven, knowledge- and platform-based company that provides real estate companies with comprehensive support to improve customer-driven efficiency and profitability. Data collection, data-driven analytics and actionable insights are used to create a basis for managing property companies’ operations. Over 450 housing and real estate companies in a total of ten countries continually measure and compare themselves with the support of AktivBo.

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