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About us

AktivBo cooperates with over 450 housing and property companies. This is our history, philosophy and vision.


Improve the quality of life for tenants worldwide.

Customer-driven property management

AktivBo was started in 1991 to develop a method that could contribute to raising the quality of service and management in the real estate industry. The goal was to achieve concrete and measurable improvements in the areas that were most important to the tenants/customers. In summary, this meant a major change for the entire industry – shifting the focus from the property's technology and finances to the end customer. In other words, to make the real estate industry a service industry with the goal of getting satisfied and loyal customers.


Knowledge and platform company

Today, AktivBo is a data-driven knowledge and platform company that provides comprehensive support to real estate companies in their work with customer-driven efficiency and profitability improvements. Through data collection, data-driven analysis and actionable insights, the basis for managing the property companies' operations is created. Over 450 housing and property companies in a total of ten countries continuously measure and compare themselves with the support of AktivBo.

kunskap och erfarenhet

Knowledge and experience

Knowledge and experience driven by technology. We are specialists in the housing and real estate industry with over 30 years of experience. We design data-driven services together with our customers, based on challenges and needs. Our method unleashes the potential of your organization and creates best practices that lead to concrete results.


AktivBo Analytics

An analysis and business intelligence platform tailored for the real estate industry. Workflow adapted for all roles in the organization. Developed to support integration/API and tracking of all touchpoints in the customer journey. A tool optimized to improve your overall customer experience.



Comparisons create motivation and best practice. With over 450 real estate companies as customers, spread over 8 countries, we have the industry's largest and sharpest benchmark in customer satisfaction. From local to international comparisons. Our actionable insights are based on over 150 million decomposable responses in our database.


Our method yields results

AktivBo's method and way of working drive improvements and provide concrete results for our customers. The fact that many of our customer relationships span 10+ years is proof of this. We practice what we preach, listen to the customer, and deliver quality.
AktivBo's platform and insights are important management tools for Vonovia. We use them to increase the satisfaction of our customers and to leverage potential in our processes.
Malte Hollstein
Managing Director Customer Service Vonovia SE


”We continuously monitor our various contact points with customers. AktivBo Analytics gives us the opportunity to see the outcome in real time, which means that we can make faster efforts."

Maria Petersson

CEO | Heimstaden Förvaltnings AB



"We want to deliver high quality and through our partnership with AktivBo we can evaluate and ensure that both tenants and property owners are satisfied with our delivery. We see this as an important part of the work to strengthen our offer."

Karin Axelsson

Client Manager | Newsec



"With the help of AktivBo, we gain valuable insights into what our tenants think and how we perform against the industry. Insights that help us in decision-making and in increasing profitability."

Simon Iaffa Nylen

Head of Sustainability Regio och Sustainability Manager | Brunswick Real Estate

caroline pandox


"We are happy to start our collaboration with AktivBo. Our tenants' feedback is important to us and we will strive to continuously improve our service and our sustainability initiatives. The third-party engagement survey is also very useful for ESRS reports and GRESB benchmarks."

Caroline Tivéus

Director of Sustainable Business | Pandox