Heimstaden’s customer journey – ongoing surveys for all tenant touchpoints

The trend in the real estate industry is to follow up more rapidly and address tenants’ needs and wishes from a customer journey perspective. Interest in broadening offerings and delivering even higher levels of service is growing, and with it the need for deeper insights and better information for decision-making.

Smarter prioritisation enables companies to become more cost-efficient and increase customer and employee satisfaction at the same time.

"AktivBo Analytics was developed together with our clients and is tailored for the real estate industry. The platform is based on new technology and provides access to data-driven analytics with unique comparative data from the industry, for both housing and commercial properties. Our benchmark has become even more valuable as the number of our domestic and international partnerships has grown significantly. Analytics allows you to use and break down data in completely new ways. More insights and better priority setting create greater customer satisfaction and improved profitability," says Jon Svensson, CEO of AktivBo Group.

AktivBo has worked closely with Heimstaden for several years and supports the company with automated customer surveys in a number of countries via system integration. Using Analytics, Heimstaden has continually monitored its various points of contact with customers, including contract signing, moving in, fault reporting, moving out and overall customer satisfaction.

"We want to continually improve our offering to customers and obtain ongoing information about how we can become a better landlord. This applies to all the different points of contact the customer has with us as a landlord. AktivBo’s method and platform help us with this, as well as with prioritising and following up objectives and action plans. The platform also offers us the opportunity to see outcomes in real time, which means that we can implement interventions more rapidly,” explains Maria Petersson, Country Manager Heimstaden Sweden AB.

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