Tenant Experience

With customer-driven and actionable insights, you make smarter decisions. We support real estate companies in the work of measuring and improving the customer experience. Our method is specifically developed for the real estate industry and provides more satisfied tenants and increased profitability.

Measure and improve customer satisfaction

We provide operational and strategic support for measuring and improving customer satisfaction in all points of contact with tenants. We are specialists. This means that our method and tools have been developed for and together with housing and real estate companies, which is why we talk about Tenant Experience (TX).

It pays to have satisfied customers

With the support of customer surveys and continuous dialogue with clients, we help real estate companies make even smarter decisions. We are experts in delivering data that everyone in your organisation can assimilate and act on. Whatever your needs or challenges, we can provide support with data collection and information for decision-making. AktivBo Analytics allows you to compare your various surveys with each other, prioritise and act on the right insights.


Customer journey mapping

By continually gauging the tenants’ “touchpoints” with the landlord’s various departments and processes, it is possible to improve each part of the customer journey on an ongoing basis, and thereby elevate overall customer experience in both the short- and long-term. Many of the housing and real estate companies we work with have defined their own customer journey with the aim of identifying, visualising and improving the various steps a tenant goes through during their overall housing experience. Survey types include moving in, moving out, service report, customer service and general customer satisfaction. 


AktivBo currently supports a large number of housing companies in mapping customer journeys. Via API, we can integrate with any system for automated respondent information and trigger-based customer surveys.

Third-party data

We augment customer satisfaction data with third-party data for segmentation, profitability tracking and even deeper insights. Comparing customers’ responses with demographic and real estate economics data, for example, provides an even stronger base for decision-making for remedial actions and prior to planned investments.


We want our customers to enjoy themselves with us and we work a lot with our living environments. The survey is one of our most important tools to ensure that we invest time and money in the right things.

Kicki Björklund | CEO, Bostadsbolaget

Knowledge and experience

Knowledge and experience driven by technology. We are specialists in the housing and real estate industry with over 30 years of experience. Together with our clients, we design data-driven services based on challenges and needs. Our method unlocks the potential in your organisation and creates best practice that leads to concrete results.

AktivBo Analytics

An analytics and business intelligence platform tailored for the real estate industry. Workflow customized for all roles in the organization. Developed to support integration/API and monitoring of all points of contact in the customer journey. A tool optimized to improve your overall customer experience.


Comparisons create a driving force and best practice. With over 450 real estate companies spread over 10 countries as clients, we have the industry’s largest and most cutting-edge benchmark in customer satisfaction. From local to international comparisons. Our actionable insights are based on over 150 million dissectible responses in our database.

Our method yields results

AktivBo’s method and approach drive improvements and provide concrete results for our clients. The fact that many of our client relationships last 10+ years is proof of this. We practice what we preach, listen to our clients, and deliver quality.
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