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Tenant Experience

Measure and improve the overall customer experience. With knowledge-driven and actionable insights you can make smarter decisions. A method specifically developed for the real estate industry that will give you more satisfied customers and increased profitability.

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Research and analysis for:

  • Private Housing
  • Commercial Property
  • Municipal Housing
  • Municipal Premises
  • Social Housing
  • Cooperative Housing
  • Logistic Property
  • Community Builders
  • Project Developers


Improved Tenant Experience and increased profitability

By listening to your customers you make better decisions. AktivBo provides you with operational and strategic support in the work of following up and improving your tenant touchpoints. From data collection to continuous improvements.

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Tenant Surveys

The tenants' feedback gives you deeper knowledge of needs and driving forces and enables you to prioritise smarter. We help you ask the right questions regardless of need or challenge and offer solutions for Housing companies, Commercial real estate, Facility Management and Asset Management. With tenant surveys for the entire customer journey, you get data that everyone in your organisation can understand and act on.

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Compare your results with the industry. We provide internal and external benchmarking to create momentum and best practice. With over 450 real estate companies as customers we have the industry's most comprehensive benchmark for tenant satisfaction. Our benchmarking data includes comparisons by company type, geography, index, questions, company size, ownership form and many additional parameters.

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Change Management

We are specialists in creating commitment and unleashing the potential of your organisation. With our method, we ensure that data is translated into continuous improvements that strengthen your business. AktivBo supports management groups and organisations in getting the most out of the tenants' views and wishes.

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ESG and Social Sustainability

AktivBo works to ensure that tenants have a better quality of life, whether it's a better home or a better workplace. We support real estate companies with social sustainability and ESG data for many different purposes, including tenant satisfaction, reporting and sustainability-linked financing.

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AktivBo's Tenant Experience Solution gives you


Satisfied tenants

Listen to your customers and act on the answers. Make sure you're doing the right things in the right place.


Engaged employees

Create momentum and get the organisation to work together towards set goals.


Increased efficiency

Save time and find out which investments you need to make, and which ones you can avoid.


Reduced complaints

Complaints and dissatisfied tenants cost time and money.


Follow-up of external contractors

Improve your contracts and ensure the quality of the services you purchase.


Reduced vacancies

Satisfied customers tend to stay. Avoid costly adaptations.


ESG / Social Sustainability

Meet sustainability requirements. Increase your GRESB score and secure sustainability-linked loans.


Stronger brand

A strong brand provides many benefits and to succeed you need to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.


Better results

Smarter prioritisations, increased efficiency and loyal customers give a better result on the bottom line.

In good company



In good company




We have tailored solutions for different types of real estate companies and property managers, for both residential or commercial property. Read more about our different surveys, benchmarks and platform services.

Customer journey follow-up

By continuously measuring the tenants' touchpoints with different departments and processes you can continuously improve every step. In this way, you will improve the overall tenant experience and increase efficiency.

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Why real estate companies choose AktivBo

Our method yields results

AktivBo's method and way of working drive improvements and provide concrete results for our customers. The fact that many of our customer relationships span longer than ten years is proof of this. We practice what we preach, listen to the customer and deliver quality.

Your data is safe with us

We are GDPR compliant and data security is our top priority. AktivBo collaborates with Binero, which has a Swedish climate-certified ISO 27001 data center with the highest requirements for data integrity and sustainable digitalisation. 

Tenant Feedback Ecosystem

AktivBo Analytics is a tailor-made survey and analysis platform for the real estate industry. You can choose between full service from AktivBo or create your own surveys with our integrated survey tool. Regardless, you get all customer feedback and benchmarking in the same platform.

Knowledge and experience

Knowledge and experience driven by technology. We are specialists in the housing and real estate industry with over 30 years of experience. We design data-driven services together with our customers, based on challenges and needs. Our method unleashes the potential of your organization and creates best practices that lead to concrete results.

We bring data to life

Collecting tenant feedback is important, but the work shouldn't stop there. We know the importance of creating commitment and getting employees involved in the improvement work. Our experienced consultants ensure that momentum is created in your organisation. 

Integrate with your favourite systems

API Integrations with leading real estate and CRM systems with automated surveys for the entire customer journey. Via any sending channels.