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ESG & Sustainability

AktivBo is a partner in your sustainability work and supports with data for tenant satisfaction and tenant engagement.

  • Tenant Influence
  • Social Sustainability

Tenant Experience – an important part of the sustainability work

Giving tenants the opportunity to influence their housing or their work environment is a central part of the work to improve the overall customer experience. AktivBo was founded to create a change in the real estate industry – to focus not only on the buildings, but also on the people loving or working in them. The foundation of our method, philosophy, and vision is about creating a better quality of life.

ESG & Sustainability

The tenants' feedback and experiences are an important part of the sustainability work. With our different types of surveys, we provide real estate companies with KPIs for Social Sustainability.

AktivBo's platform and insights are important management tools for Vonovia. We use them to increase the satisfaction of our customers and to leverage potential in our processes.
Malte Hollstein
Managing Director Customer Service Vonovia SE
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Social Sustainability – "S" in ESG

A sustainable real estate business involves more than just energy-efficient construction and management of properties. It also includes overall responsibility for the business from economic, social, and environmental aspects. In the social dimension, this means that the company takes responsibility for how its activities affect people, both within and around the company. Social sustainability includes commitment to the local community and care for tenants, customers, visitors, and residents. 



Sense of Security

AktivBo helps real estate companies to measure and improve the tenants' perceived sense of security. This can involve targeted surveys or as part of an overall customer experience. Our data and benchmarks are used in the work of improving challenging areas. 

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Data for ESG Reporting

The importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors is increasing in the real estate industry and with it the need for secured and reliable data. GRESB Real Estate Assessment is a benchmark for ESG performance that includes social sustainability. Points are awarded for having a tenant engagement program in place with tenant surveys and tenant satisfaction improvements as key components. 

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Sustainable Investments

For green and sustainability-linked loans, compliance with ESG criteria is a key element. By actively integrating social sustainability into its way of working, a real estate company can strengthen its application. A long-term and holistic focus on sustainability, which includes overall responsibility for both environmental and social aspects, shows that real estate companies strive for a positive impact beyond just financial gains. 

Asking our tenants for their feedback is crucial for PATRIZIA in order to further optimise our services. AktivBo is a leader in tenant satisfaction surveys and also allows us to benchmark our tenants' feedback. We are currently conducting surveys for our residential portfolios in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, and we are looking forward to extend the cooperation in the near future.
Torsten Bergner
Director / Head of Asset Management Living & Health Care

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