Measuring the customer journey – how K2A will optimize their customer satisfaction work

K2A is a real estate company that focuses on long-term ownership and management of self-produced rental apartments. Over the past 10 years, they have built up their portfolio from zero to over 5,000 apartments under management. Customer satisfaction is a prioritized area and with AktivBo Analytics they get the opportunity to measure and follow up the customer journey, and the various contact areas with the tenants, in an even more efficient way. We asked Henrik Nordlund, Head of Property Management at K2A, about how they work with customer satisfaction and what their plans are going forward.

Data-driven approach for increased customer experience

With AktivBo, K2A takes its work to improve the overall customer experience to the next level. By following up and measuring different contact areas with tenants, internal processes can be improved and optimized, while increasing customer experience and customer satisfaction. Surveys are already underway for overall customer satisfaction (CSC), move-in, move-out and new production, where feedback from tenants is continuously collected. In the future there are plans to also add an ongoing fault reporting survey in order to follow up the internal property management. In addition to the integrated process measurements, K2A will also use AktivBo's survey tool Create to send out its own customized surveys.henrik-nordlund

With AktivBo Analytics we get greater flexibility and analysis capacity. By benchmarking against other real estate companies, we can see what we are doing well and what we need to improve, says Henrik Nordlund.

– When special needs or projects arise, we can also ask questions via Create and thus twist and turn issues based on our conditions. Gathering all the feedback we receive from tenants in one and the same platform gives us a better basis for performance management and facilitates prioritizations.

K2A sees opportunities and multiple usage areas with the AktivBo Create survey tool;

– With Create, we can ask questions based on our particular business and thus quickly get a result to follow up and take action on. For example, we will be able to measure the satisfaction of our various services such as electric grills, cafes, electric car pools or the fact that we have a washing machine in each apartment. The results will also be very helpful when we plan new homes.

The importance of satisfied customers in new production

New production is a central part of K2A and when it comes to building new, you not only need to know what the tenants want today – but also their demands for the coming 50 years. Since new production also means a slightly higher rent, the tenants have greater expectations. It is therefore important to have full control of what the customer wants.

"We work actively to continuously improve for our tenants. This is absolutely crucial for us because satisfied customers are our reason for existance. If we sway on customer satisfaction, we will be left with empty houses. Another incredibly important parameter for us is the long-term approach – we want to build houses that people thrive in for many years to come.

Finally, we asked Henrik to tell us about what goals they have set when it comes to customer satisfaction measurements.

– Of course, we aim to raise our Service Index, but a concrete goal is also to win the category New production at Benchmark Event in Stockholm! It will be great fun to be able to participate and it will be an internal incentive to really do our best to improve our results.

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