Investment AB Spiltan is investing €1 million in proptech company AktivBo

AktivBo will receive €1 million from its principal owner, Investment AB Spiltan, in a new issue of shares. The growth capital will be used to accelerate technology development and scale up its ongoing international expansion.

Using data-driven analytics, AktivBo helps real estate companies increase profitability and improve customer experience. The survey and analytics platform is tailored for the real estate industry and offers actionable customer insights, benchmarking and priorities. The company is a market leader in Sweden and Germany, operates in six more countries and is engaged by more than 450 real estate companies. Turnover for 2020 totalled almost SEK 50 million. Spiltan first invested in AktivBo in 2009 and is now increasing its holdings. 

"Last year we launched our new platform, AktivBo Analytics, and are incredibly pleased with the response we have received, both in Sweden and internationally," says Jon Svensson, CEO of AktivBo Group. "Now we're moving up to the next level. With this capital injection, we can launch exciting new services, accelerate technology development and continue to grow in more markets."

From being a relatively sluggish industry in terms of digitalisation, the real estate industry has rapidly picked up the pace in recent years. Real estate companies are becoming more and more data-driven, which increases the need for deeper customer insights and better information for decision-making. AktivBo has unique, comprehensive data that covers a long period of time, which generates new opportunities for AI and machine learning.

"Spiltan invests heavily in both technology and real estate companies. We therefore see great potential in AktivBo," says Per H Börjesson, CEO of Investment AB Spiltan. "Thanks to AktivBo, real estate owners can improve customer satisfaction, make smarter investments, increase operational efficiency and achieve better bottom-line results. As a result of the share issue, we can move our position in the company forward and increase our ownership."

About AktivBo:

AktivBo is a knowledge- and platform-based company that supports real estate companies in their work with customer-driven efficiency and profitability improvements. Customer surveys and continuous customer dialogue form the basis for analysis and governance of real estate companies' operations. Over 450 housing and real estate companies in a total of eight countries continually measure and compare themselves with the support of AktivBo.

About Spiltan:

Investment AB Spiltan is an investment company that invests in listed and unlisted Swedish companies run by skilled entrepreneurs. Spiltan currently owns a portfolio, which includes companies ranging from real estate to tech, valued at more than €650 million. Its holdings include: Paradox Interactive, NuvoAir, XMReality, Spiltan Fonder and AktivBo. Some of its notable real estate holdings include P&E Persson, SBB, KlaraBo, Kuststaden, Bonäsudden, Amasten and Amhult 2. Spiltan has around 5,000 shareholders. Shares are traded monthly at Pepins. More information is available at

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