How real estate companies can fulfill sustainability requirements by customer surveys

The Real Estate industry is in a transition phase and sustainability topics are getting more and more important. Digitalization, ESG and sustainability plays a crucial role for every real estate company to maintain stable and successful business strategies, as well as avoiding the risk of stranded assets. Also, the classic financial indicators are being expanded to include sustainability, which are playing an increasingly important role in the future success of any company.  

Green building certificate and how to implement customer satisfaction and Tenant Experience questions

In this, green building certificates are playing an important role for economical and environmentally friendly solutions. A part of these certifications include user experience and user satisfaction, and many real estate companies are asking themself how to fulfill this requirement. Today, many real estate companies are struggling with how to include the right questions, and how perform the surveys in a time and cost efficient way. For example, a lot of companies use printed surveys that needs to be scanned and transfered to Excel for analysis, which is time consuming and demands a lot of resources.

The right questions and a more efficient solution

The solution to this include two parts; knowing which questions to ask, and have the digital tools to perform it in a cost- and time effective way. When it comes to which questions that should be included it’s always a good idea to team up with experts for best practice, but examples of areas could be:

  • Security – “how safe is your building?”
  • Building – ”Please rate your satisfaction with the location quality of your workplace.”
  • Service – ”Please rate your satisfaction with the complaint management.”

A more efficient way to gather the insights is to collect the tenant feedback via digital surveys where you automatically get a clear overview of the results.

Read more about ESG and how we help our customers here. 

Fully automated with daily updated KPI:s

We have developed a solution with our online platform AktivBo Analytics in which we continuously collect customer satisfaction, including the aspect of sustainability. We integrate it as a key performance indicator in the corporate landscape of real estate companies. Besides our analytics platform, we also support an advise our customers in their overall Tenant Experience improvement work. We focus exclusively on the real estate industry and have over 30 years experience. Once initiated, digital surveys will be performed fully automated and always offer you the current status of your customer satisfaction as a daily updated KPI:s.

Read more about AktivBo here!

More inspiration

What is a good result? What is a less good result? You can get the answers through comparisons with other companies or organisations in a similar position.  When all our clients continually compare themselves with each other, a strong driving force is created, both internally and for the entire industry. Read our article about benchmarking here. 

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