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Prioritise smarter, create driving force and engagement. We offer a unique benchmark allowing you to see how your company performs against the industry.

  • 450+ real estate companies spread over 15 countries
  • External benchmark against the industry
  • Internal benchmark for best practice

An important part of the improvement work

What constitutes a good result? What defines a less favourable outcome? Where do we stand today? What are our goals, and how will we achieve them? Benchmarking helps you to prioritise, develop best practice and is a central part of change and improvement management.

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Benchmarking against industry standards



Industry-leading platform for Tenant Experience improvements





Millions of DATABASe answers





Benchmarking against industry standards



Benchmarking creates commitment

Benchmarking plays a significant role in our efforts to enhance customer orientation within the housing and real estate industry. The continuous comparisons among our customers creates a strong driving force, both internally and across the entire industry. We support different types of real estate companies with information, statistics and data that help in decision-making.

Gain insights at different levels

Thanks to our extensive database, we can provide benchmarks across various areas and levels. This enables us to support multiple facets of the housing and real estate industry with information, statistics, and data that aid decision-making. We tailor benchmarks at local, regional, national, and international levels. The comparisons can also be broken down by various criteria, including indexes, sub-indexes, questions, company size, ownership status, and type of area.

What do you want to benchmark against?

Cooperative Housing Facility Management Property Management Asset Management Private Residental Companies Commercial Real Estate Municipal Housing Student Accommodation Geographical Size Vulnerable Areas National International Index Sub-Indeces Questions New Developments Reconstruction Move-in Fault Reporting
The AktivBo platform and insights are important management tools for Vonovia. We use them to increase our customers‘ satisfaction and to realise potential in our processes.
Malte Hollstein
Managing Director Customer Service | Vonovia SE


"The AktivBo platform and insights are important management tools for Vonovia. We use them to increase our customers‘ satisfaction and to realise potential in our processes."

Malte Hollstein

Managing Director Customer Service | Vonovia SE


Internal Benchmark

The results for your own areas and properties are compared with each other so that one can quickly see in which areas one has succeeded well and in which areas there is room for improvement. Internal benchmarking creates 'best practice' for your organisation.


External Benchmark

Comparisons with the industry as well as other companies in the same size class and similar situations. How good is our customer service? How good are our external contractors and are they cost-effective? What is a good result for a company of our size or in our region?

Trend and industry development

Analyse trends over time and make comparisons across different levels and parameters. As a customer, you have the flexibility to select the information you wish to access within AktivBo Analytics. We provide aggregated industry data encompassing developments on various issues, indices, and sub-indicies since 2005.

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