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Commercial Real Estate

Find out your customers' needs and preferences and get actionable insights that strengthen your business. Satisfied and loyal customers lead to reduced vacancies and secured contracts.  


Surveys and benchmarks for:

  • Public & Municipal Premises
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Community Service Properties
  • Logistics Real Estate

Loyal customers, reduced vacancies and increased revenue

A method specifically designed for the real estate industry that gives you satisfied and loyal customers and a better bottom line result.

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What type of premises do you want data for?

Offices Retail Restaurants Industry Logistics Schools

Surveys and benchmarks for Commercial real estate

Whether it's office space, shops, schools, or logistics properties, we find out what you need answers to and adapt the surveys to the purpose. We offer both qualitative and quantitative surveys, with flexible sending frequencies and multiple distribution channels. Our quality-assured standard questions serve as a basis for benchmarking.

Customer Journey Monitoring

Follow up on the customer journey and the different tenant touchpoints with your company. With our API solutions, you can automatically transfer data and get real-time updated survey results. Integrations with leading ERP and CRM systems for automatic follow-up of the customer journey, via optional sending channels.


Secure your business with the help of AktivBo Analytics 

With all your survey data and customer feedback in one place, you can easily see what you need to act on and what investments you can avoid. All results can be broken down at any level, such as customer, object type and geography. 

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AktivBo Analytics

Follow-up on your external contractors

Do you purchase external property and facility management services? Asking your customers questions and asking them to evaluate the services gives you a solid basis to act on. Improved quality levels and better agreements are some of the benefits.

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AktivBo's Tenant Experience Solution gives you


Better Customer Experience

Listen to your customers and act on the answers. Make sure you're doing the right things in the right place.


Increased revenue

Reduced vacancies, fewer adaptations, and secured contracts.


Reduced costs

Save time and find out which investments you need to make, and which ones you can avoid.

Med hjälp av AktivBo får vi värdefulla insikter om vad våra hyresgäster tycker och hur vi presterar mot branschen. Insikter som hjälper oss i beslutsfattandet och i att öka lönsamheten
Simon Iaffa Nylen
Head of Sustainability Regio och Sustainability Manager på Brunswick Real Estate
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Increased Property Valuation

A high level of customer satisfaction can lead to increased property valuation as satisfied tenants tend to be more inclined to extend their leases and create long-term relationships with the real estate company. It also reduces vacancies and increases revenue stability. Positive references and recommendations also attract new tenants and thus strengthen the property's reputation and attractiveness in the market. 

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Sustainable Investments

For green and sustainability-linked loans, compliance with ESG criteria is a central part. By actively integrating social sustainability into its way of working, a real estate company can strengthen its application. A long-term and holistic focus on sustainability shows that real estate companies strive for a positive impact beyond just financial gains. 


Data for ESG Reporting

The importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors is increasing in the real estate industry and with it the need for secured and reliable data. GRESB Real Estate Assessment is a benchmark for ESG performance that includes social sustainability. Points are awarded for having a tenant engagement program in place with tenant surveys and tenant satisfaction improvements as key components. 

Why real estate companies choose us


Our method yields results

AktivBo's method and way of working drive improvements and provide concrete results for our customers. The fact that many of our customer relationships span longer than ten years is proof of this. We practice what we preach, listen to the customer, and deliver quality.

Your data is safe with us

We are GDPR compliant and data security is our top priority. AktivBo collaborates with Binero, which has a Swedish climate-certified ISO 27001 data center with the highest requirements for data integrity and sustainable digitalisation. 

Tenant Feedback Ecosystem

AktivBo Analytics is a tailor-made survey and analysis platform for the real estate industry. You can choose between full service from AktivBo, or create your own surveys with our integrated survey tool. Regardless, you get all customer feedback and benchmarking in the same platform.

Knowledge and experience

Knowledge and experience driven by technology. We are specialists in the residential and real estate industry with over 30 years of experience. We design data-driven services together with our customers, based on challenges and needs. Our method unleashes the potential of your organisation and creates best practices that lead to concrete results.

We bring data to life

Collecting tenant feedback is important, but the work shouldn't stop there. We know the importance of creating commitment and getting employees involved in the improvement work. Our experienced consultants ensure that momentum is created in your organisation. 

Integration with your favorite systems

We have API Integrations with leading real estate and CRM systems and can help you set up automated surveys for the entire customer journey. Via any sending channels. 

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