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Improve Tenant Experience and increase efficiency!

Use tenant feedback to set the right priorities. A method specifically designed for the real estate industry that gives you more satisfied customers and a better result on the bottom line.

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Why the industry chooses AktivBo

More satisfied tenants

Listen to your customers and act on the answers. Make sure you're doing the right things in the right place.

Engaged employees

Create momentum and get the organisation to work together towards set goals.

Reduced costs

Save time and find out which investments you need to make, and which ones you can avoid.


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AktivBo Analytics - Tenant feedback ecosystem

Follow up on your tenants' experiences in real time. All feedback in the same platform! AktivBo Analytics facilitates prioritisations and decision making. Customise roles, workflow, and analysis based on your organisation's needs. 

AktivBo Analytics

AktivBo Analytics

AI-based analysis

We develop services based on the latest generative AI technology to help you get the most out of your customers' feedback. Based on the tenants' text answers, AktivBo's AI service can automatically present suggested actions together with cost estimates and time estimates for the implementation of the actions.

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Industry-leading platform for Tenant Experience improvements


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Why AktivBo?

We are experts in getting the most out of tenants' feedback to maximise efficiency in the customer satisfaction work. Being specialists gives us opportunities that generalists do not have. Regardless of whether it concerns best practice, benchmarking or AI-based analysis, our services are designed to create value for real estate companies.

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ESG & Social Sustainability

The data we collect is used by real estate companies in sustainability work in various ways. In addition to concrete improvements for the tenants, we ensure data and KPIs for sustainability reporting (ESG, CSRD, ESRS, GRESB).



”AktivBo's platform and insights are important management tools for Vonovia. We use them to increase the satisfaction of our customers and to leverage potential in our processes.”

Malte Hollstein

Managing Director Customer Service | Vonovia SE



”We want to deliver high quality and through our partnership with AktivBo we can evaluate and ensure that both tenants and property owners are satisfied with our delivery. We see this as an important part of the work to strengthen our offer.”

Karin Axelsson

Client Manager | Newsec



”With the help of AktivBo, we gain valuable insights into what our tenants think and how we perform against the industry. Insights that help us in decision-making and in increasing profitability.”

Simon Iaffa Nylén

Head of Sustainability Regio och Sustainability Manager | Brunswick Real Estate

| Asset Management


”We are happy to start our collaboration with AktivBo. Our tenants' feedback is important to us and we will strive to continuously improve our service and our sustainability initiatives. The third-party engagement survey is also very useful for ESRS reports and GRESB benchmarks.”

Caroline Tivéus

Director of Sustainable Business | Pandox

AktivBo's platform and insights are important management tools for Vonovia. We use them to increase the satisfaction of our customers and to leverage potential in our processes.
Malte Hollstein
Managing Director Customer Service | Vonovia SE

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