The Tenant Experience report: What Sweden’s tenants think
Tenant Experience | Benchmark


What conclusions can we draw from the answers of 198,000 tenants?


Thanks to a data-driven approach, our customers collect a large amount of feedback from their tenants every year. Data turned into insights that help them achieve both more satisfied tenants and higher profitability. We have compiled the results for Swedish tenants in 2021 and picked out the trends and insights that are interesting for the entire industry.

Although the report is about Swedish tenants, most real estate companies in other countries have largely the same challenges and our hope is that this report can be of value regardless of location.

Download the report and read more about:

  • What drives customer satisfaction and what has changed during the year?
  • What conclusions can we draw from 476,000 text answers, with the help of semantic analysis?
  • Which questions drive the perceived security and how has this developed?

If you have any questions about the report, or indeed anything else, you are welcome to contact us!

Download the report here:

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