User-driven benchmarking

With Create survey tool, you can build and send out surveys – quick and simple, directly in our platform Analytics. In the survey tool, you can choose from preset benchmark questions for different areas, or simply create your own survey from scratch.



All tenant feedback in one platform

Create is integrated directly in our survey and analysis platform Analytics, which gives your organisation the possibility to compliment the result of your predefined AktivBo surveys with your own self-generated surveys. This will allow you to streamline all data in one ecosystem of tenant feedback, resulting in better decision making.

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Save time and money  

Collecting data in different systems can be time consuming, costly and frustrating for your organisation. Create is the puzzle piece in our survey and analysis platform Analytics that allows you to streamline all tenant feedback in the same platform. Also, Create users from different Real Estate companies will often have similar challenges and questions to be answered. This will be aggregated in Analytics, building up a user driven Benchmark.


An easy-to-use survey tool for the whole organisation.

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