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Change Management

We create engagement in customer satisfaction work. With our method, 'we make it happen' and ensure continuous improvements. We help you bring data to life. 

  • Partnership and support in improvement work
  • We engage your organisation and create momentum
  • Action planning and goal setting
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An operational and strategic partner for real estate companies

We collaborate with over 450 real estate companies and serve as a partner in the tenant satisfaction work. In various ways, we support management teams and organisations to get the most out of tenants' views and wishes. Our assignments are often about identifying a current situation and helping with the transition towards the desired situation.


Is your improvement work coming to a halt?

Measuring and collecting responses from customers is important. But all too often, the improvement work comes to a standstill due to various reasons. The key is to bring data to life and to 'make it happen'. We create commitment and drive in customer satisfaction work and ensure continuous improvements.


Customer Journey mapping

 What does your customer journey look like? What are your most important points of contact with the tenants? We help you map the customer journey to enable continuous improvement of internal processes and external services. With AktivBo Analytics, you receive real-time updated information about the customer experience.


Action Plans and follow-up

Using your customer feedback as a basis, incorporating the tenants' views and wishes for each property, we provide operational support for the improvement work. Outputs are concrete action plans for your various departments and areas. We then ensure that reporting structures are in place so that it is easy to follow the improvement work.


Get your organisation on board

To succeed, the organisation must be part of the journey toward an increased customer experience. Why is it important? What are the objectives? What's in it for me? AktivBo supports change management and is an operational and strategic partner in customer satisfaction.


Goals and priorities

'Increasing customer satisfaction' is included as a goal in most real estate companies' annual reports, but in order to succeed, you need clear and concrete objectives. Where do you want to be in one, two, or five years? With workshops specifically tailored for the management or steering group, we help you develop and achieve your goals

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Build momentum, engage and ensure continuous improvements


green-check-outlinedCustomer Satisfaction Workshop: Focus on enhancing customer experiences

green-check-outlinedGAP Analysis: Address discrepancies between perceptions and delivery

green-check-outlinedIndustry Benchmarking Analysis: Present results and comparative insights

green-check-outlinedProcess Support: Develop goals, simulations, and plans

green-check-outlinedBest Practices: Examples from our 450+ successful clients

green-check-outlinedAction Plans: Execute strategies for customer satisfaction

Personal support and advice from our customer teams

We are customer satisfaction experts for the real estate industry, and our customer teams are there for you at all times. Whether it's technical support, survey design, or guidance on how to make it "happen" in your organisation, we are here to help. In short, we are your partner from data collection to continuous improvements.


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