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Major updates in AktivBo Analytics

The development team at AktivBo is continuously working to improve our platform AktivBo Analytics....

2023-11-14 2 min read

Why should housing companies care about customer satisfaction?

If you are providing and selling goods, products, or services of any kind, this might sound like a...

2023-10-19 3 min read

High service contributes to lower operating costs and increased profitability

Property owners who offer high-quality service have tenants who are more satisfied with their...

2023-10-10 2 min read

Our latest webinars

Tenants reponse to the handling of covid-19
43 min | In Swedish
Increase the value of the tenants own words (sentiment analysis)
34 min | In Swedish
How would Swedens tenants like to communicate with their housing company
53 min | In Swedish
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