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– Webinar with Vonovia

Vonovia offers homes for more than 1 million people in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia. They say that their activities "never only have an economic perspective, but always a social perspective", focusing on the customers and their needs. In this webinar  Lisa Winter from AktivBo spoke to Malte Hollstein, Managing Director Customer Service at Vonovia and Per Ekelund, CEO of Vonovia-owned Victoria Park to find out more about how they work to raise customer satisfaction.

Raising customer satisfaction

As Germany’s and Europe's major housing company, Vonovia strive to achieve sustainable development of entire residential neighborhoods. They focus on investing in neighborhoods, fostering the coexistence of people from different cultures, and the ever-growing importance of climate protection. These responsibilities present a major challenge for Vonovia. However, through constant improvement and learning, they have  implemented customer satisfaction as an elementary cornerstone of their strategy.

Malte Hollstein and Per Ekelund from Vonovia spoke about why this topic is important, what challenges there are, and how they work to raise customer satisfaction.

AktivBo GmbH's CEO Lisa Winter will moderate the webinar.

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