Tenant experience as part of ESG

Real estate companies are facing challenges with the alignment between business activities and sustainability goals and need to begin their transformation process. We give you the tool to improve business processes and develop customer satisfaction in a sustainable way, while engaging your employees in the process. 

Tenant driven real estate management 

As a team of experts, we work together with international real estate companies and provide KPI’s for ESG-strategies, employee satisfaction and tenant experience. We are international experts on tenant experience (TX) and offer specific solutions for the real estate industry, such as housing, commercial real estate, student living and hotels.

Working with AktivBo gives you access to professional tools, consulting and value-adding benchmarking tailored for the real estate industry. Our standardized ESG validation can be used for reporting, improvements in tenant experience (TX), and service controlling documentation.

Our methods helps you to reach the European standard regarding ESG requirements on sustainability and tenant participation.

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